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Complaint to the FBI of Satellite Surveillance and Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) by US Army Veteran

(Individual who has background in communication and encryption)

Citing a laser three dimensional body analyzer/scanning unit - patent no US 5531520 A

By Scotty Bumbalough – The complaint is posted as comment on YouTube video of Martin Bott and is copied below. Approximate publication date by YouTube: 1 year ago

(Note that the letter is addressed to the Director of the FBI)

Attn James Comey,

I have this equipment in my possession and I have contacted the DOD and the FBI and they have yet to pick it up. If someone from your corporation would like to pick it up I’m sure you could reverse engineer it and use it for something other than what TASC Inc. is using it for. See my letter below to the FBI and the DOD. You can contact me for further details on the neuromorphic aspects of these devices.

This is NOT a conspiracy theory it’s a real life situation and the public needs to know. Please review my letter to the FBI and the DOD regarding a current active shooter campaign being conducted by DOD contractor TASC Inc. It is also how the Aaron Alexis Washington Navy Yard shooter was driven to commit his crimes. See Letter: Important information on active shooter campaign using satellite technology and nanotechnology currently taking place. See my letter to the DOD and the FBI Tampa Field office below. Department of Defense contractor TASC Inc. (parent company Engility Inc.) is currently using GeoSpatial Intelligence equipment with Satellite driven Nanotechnology for terroristic threats and illegal 24 hour surveillance in Orlando Florida at my business and private residence. I would like to bring this to your attention and have someone from the FBI or the DOD pick up this equipment that is in my possession. I am reporting a severe abuse of Nanotechnology and this is a copy of my letter to the DOD from August regarding this Geospatial surveillance nanotechnology being misused on me since March of 2015.

I am currently under satellite surveillance by TASC Inc., this was started by TASC Inc. employee Michael Harrar (Top Secret Security Clearance) in October when he brought the device to Orlando while visiting his daughter (he is father of my former girlfriend Veronica Kline). He stayed at The Castle Hotel on International Drive and left the piece of Nanotechnology in Orlando for surveillance purposes at that time.

The surveillance is taking place at my home address of 1650 N. Mills Ave #160 Orlando, Florida 32803 - coordinates 28Β° 34’ 031 N / 81Β° 21’ 933 W. The satellite transmission and surveillance is still active 24 hours a day and at the same coordinates and can be easily detected and traced. Three methods of detection are:

  1. Satellite signal detection / signal being used is a X-band pulse signal.
  2. Electromagnetic field detection, used in combination with the nanotechnology and can be measured anywhere I am located. The mircoTESLA units range from 12,000 to 75,000 microTESLA units.
  3. Frequency detection, rapid frequency fluctuations are used to evade detection the range is from 20 to 20,000 Hz for inner ear harassment / communication.

I am a US Army Veteran with a background in communication and encryption which helped me discover and locate these devices. This surveillance is in the form of a Satellite driven X-band pulse frequency and a Nano Drone technology Program. I have contacted the FBI via the phone and online complaint forms, CIA, Federal Judges, TASC Inc. and multiple other agencies. My attorney has called TASC Inc. and the secretary stated that Michael Harrar does no longer works there, he left in March as part of a cover up for the surveillance campaign that is still taking place. We have also contacted Anthony Smeraglinolo, CEO of TASC Inc. via telephone and US mail with no response. This torture / harassment and interrogation style surveillance continues day in and day out 24 hours a day with inner ear pulse communication and daily death threats. This method of transmitted threats and interrogation style treatment is the same as used in Guantanamo Bay Cuba, same equipment and same operators.

Here is a complete description of the equipment and the method being used.

2mm sphere – this sphere is Omni-directional and is remotely controlled via satellite. I have determined that the satellite system being used may be C4ISR.

Light bending technology - Enables the nano drone with a cloaking effect and makes the sphere unrecognizable or what the nonscientific mind would call invisible. It can only be noticed by the naked eye if it is a trained eye.

Nano Camera – This camera is equipped for surveillance purposes which transmits real time back to TASC Inc. Geospatial operators.

Electromagnetic wave field – The Nano Drones mark a target for focused satellite generated electromagnetic wave fields. The nano drones send pulses for communication purposes or inner ear harassment. These units can be put together in multiples and work in unison to create a more intense and focused wave for harassment and or sleep deprivation. The electromagnetic field also can create a field much like a MRI for Geospatial data & intelligence gathering from the human mind and body. This is exactly what is used in Guantanamo Bay Cuba for interrogations.

Three dimensional body data analyzer – This equipment is used for body scans in a three dimensional format including scans of the human brain. The capabilities of this specific piece of the technology has much greater capabilities that include full readings of vital signs and real time information on brain activity. Patent number US 5531520 A – TASC Inc.

Frequency range – Using a satellite X band this company uses continuous wave and pulsed wave frequencies. The method used is: the left ear and right ear have two different frequencies. In the left ear the range of pulse there are words / sentences designed to interrupt normal brain activity. The right ear has words and sentences that are a level that can only be detected with ear plugs at a much lower frequency level. The technique used is most often with the lower tone mentioning something just at the audible level and then the left ear has another message at a higher frequency that is much more distinguishable.

Neuromorphic Engineering / computing – I can provide a full description of how TASC Inc. is using Neuromorphic computing which is used in tandem with these devices and their satellite when the devices are picked up. I can provide a full explanation of the method used to extract metadata from individuals via satellite and how it is being used on US soil outside the parameters of its intended purpose.

*This is the exact activity reported by Aaron Alexis prior to his Washington Navy Yard shooting. His heinous crimes were committed at his former workplace, Washington Navy Yard Bldg. 197. TASC Inc. was also one of the contractors in the building. I suspect this Nanotechnology was used to harass him in order to drive him to commit crimes. It is my assumption that they may be using this technology to create domestic terror events for profit. Engility Inc. was also ordered by the courts to pay out over 5 million dollars for the mistreatment of prisoners at Abu Ghraib in Jan of 2013, the company has a history of employing unethical intelligence personnel, in this case they have used the equipment as a personal favor for Michael Harrar to harass me and attempt to cause me financial and personal harm. The operators on their Geospatial Nano Drone and Neuromorphic computing program are nothing more than loose cannons / Domestic Terrorists with Top Secret Security clearances. I have information and evidence (written, recorded and documentation including MRI evidence) to bring this corrupt DOD contractor to justice for using this equipment on private citizens on US soil.

I would like to have this active satellite signal confirmed and have the devices picked up. You have my full permission to investigate this matter including conducting surveillance and measuring signals and EMF fields anywhere I am located. Here is my address and coordinates to verify and pick up the devices:

1650 N. Mills Ave #160 Orlando FL 32803 - 28Β° 34’ 031 N / 81Β° 21’ 933 W

Scotty Bumbalough 407-952-4663

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Photo I Captured With My iPhone TrueDepth Camera in Infrared of a Face With EEG Electrodes and an Antenna Implant (Technology Needed For This Kind of Targeting)
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